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Liaison Desserts et Gâteaux

Assiette dessert (お皿に盛られたデザート)が特徴的なパティスリーの計画です。
Assiette dessertは、空間や器、音楽などの全てが構成要素となります。この小さなお店から、まちに新しい文化が生まれることを期待しています。

Renovating a vacant house in Toyama City.
This is a plan for a Pâtisserie that features Assiette dessert (desserts served on a plate).

An old wooden house that stands alone along the street. At the back of the long and narrow site, the building with a small courtyard for natural lighting and  ventilation.

Meeting the owner and participating in this project, I felt that her quiet passion and aesthetic sensibility were in common with the bright garden hidden deep within the dark recesses of this building.

The interior is covered with wood-wool cement boards, creating a space where light and greenery can be felt at the back of an inorganic alley-like space.
The long and narrow counter with a shallow depth covered with flexible boards leads the eye to the small garden, creating an intimate between the owner and the customers.

Assiette dessert is made up of everything, including the space, the tableware, and the music. I believe that a new culture will be born in the town from this small shop.

U :洋菓子店
S :富山県富山市
D :2024.2
A :種昻 哲 北野るりこ
AD:横村 友哉 桜井 裕子
C :イシハラ 石原 尚
KP :タニコー 肥田 武士
P :tete studioworks 鬼塚 仁奈
CO:特注照明製作 前沢 陽彦

​凡例 U:USE/用途 S:SITE/場所 D:DATE/完成日 SC:SCALE/規模 A:Architect/意匠設計 SD:Structure Design/構造デザイン PP:Planting Plan/植栽計画 LP:Lighting Plan/照明計画 LD:Landscape Design/ランドスケープデザイン AD:Art Director/アートディレクター C:Constructor/施工会社 P:Photo/写真 CO:Collaboration/協力

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